Amanda-Jayne Quilter

Hi DBM, can I just say how helpful Malcolm was yesterday. I’ve had behaviourists for Brandi before and in the 2 hours Malcolm was with me, he taught me more than They have in 8 months, and to also calm Brandi down like he did was like a miracle before my eyes, I have been out tonight and brought the same lead Malcolm used yesterday so going forward I hope to continue what I’ve been taught. Wish me luck, but thank you so much I was at my wits end with her.


Omg 2nd night of walking Brandi on the new lead and it’s like walking a totally different dog, she now accepts the lead and although we encountered 2 dogs tonight she did bark but soon stopped as I tweaked the lead she is nothing like she used to be, thank you Malcolm again for your help as I’m now going to look forward to walking Smirnoff and Brandi and not dread it.



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