The Dachshund Pack

What a difference 24 hours can make – Malcolm visited us yesterday morning, to help us with the uncontrollable barking from our three dachshunds- since moving house 18 months ago, we have only had immediate family to visit, too noisy and stressful to invite friends and neighbors round. I had even stopped walking all thee dogs together, opting for individual walking, because the barking was ridiculous. We take our dogs on holiday with us, but after the last one, could not even bring myself to book another. With great thanks to Malcolm teaching us the DBM way of controlling barking and behaviour, we have all taken to it very naturally- Malcolm clearly instructed us what we should be doing, and the dogs responded unbelievably well, almost grateful ! I cannot put into words what a difference it has made, Malcolm did say to correct bad habits will take time, but honestly you can just witness the progress continuously. I recommend Malcolm to everybody who has any problems with their dogs behaviour, he is one very skilled man.
Thank you Malcolm





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