Joanne Germaney

Malcolm came to see me, he understood exactly what I needed & helped me deal with it, already I’m benefitting from the advise I’ve taken on board & REALLY happy I asked for help. Malcolm is very calm, informative & funny too. I would definately recommend this service, both myself & my dog are more in tune with each other & life is becoming easier. Thank you very much Malcolm.

Thank you Malcolm for all your help, as you know I did have a few issues with him & didn’t have a clue how to deal with them, only after a very short time of you coming into our home, Kirby was already a calmer little dog which made me calmer too. Kirby is a smashing little dog but he behaved the way he wanted to & nothing I did would change that. With your help, I’ve taken the worry of kirby being pack leader away from him & he can seen now, there is someone to take that burden away from him which has made him more relaxed. With your help I can now take him out without having my arm dislocated every time he sees a cat or a duck & in doors the barking has stopped, I really didn’t think I would see such a BIG change in such a short time. I recommend your services 100%, I can now relax & enjoy being a dog owner. THANK YOU MALCOLM.