Stephanie Harris

We had a lovely visit today from Malcolm he made sense of a lot things and gave great advise of how to redirect our dogs in the hope of a more balanced pack. Although our staffy is very dog aggressive Our main issue’s for today was with our youngest dog our pup frenchie as she can be a bit of a dominant Madame with approaching other dogs and has battles with my bulldog on a daily basis but I feel now we can start to tackle these issues and hopefully have a more grounded pup that socialises well with others. The learning will certainly start at home.
Will hopefully have Malcolm back to take on a walk with us to see just how our little Lola is just so I no I’m doing the right things in correcting her behaviour and then once we have established a working progression with her we may even be able to tackle my staffys dog issues. So I’m very excited to get started on this although is going to be hard work as I’ve created a rod for my own back but feeling determined so thank you very much and will happily tell others about you x



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