Dean and Carlene

Just a quick e-mail to comment on the excellent service we received from yourselves at Dog Barking Mad.

My wife was a little worried when I said I had booked you as we have had some bad experiences with training classes in the past with trainers being very condescending or being very vague in their instruction. We just wanted a dog that was not so excitable, was more controllable on the lead and had better manners.

On the day of the appointment  Malcolm arrived he asked us what we wanted from Ralph and then gave us his ‘Flag’ which Ralph should be under and he got to work straight away dealing with a very excited Ralph and showing us how to deal with this and explaining what he was doing, why he was doing it and breaking things down in a very simple way to help us to understand how to address these issues in getting him to be a more calm and relaxed dog.

After being in the house he then suggested we went on a walk advising us to change our lead we were currently using and again explaining why. Other than Carlene stepping on a bee the walk went really well with Malcolm explaining the whole time how to address the lead pulling and what to do in any given situation and how to address it.

Once we got back to the house and Malcolm had answered any other questions we had and how we feel it went. my only reply to this question was that it made be feel so stupid as it all seems so simple. Thinking about it now it’s not that addressing these issues is simple it is just that Malcolm’s knowledge and experience are so great and things are explained so well he makes it seem very simple.

It has now been 3 days since Malcolm visited and we are seeing a massive improvement in Ralph already. he is already being much better behaved when visitors arrive we have also gone out a purchased a new lead to which he has been walking really well on and pulling is pretty much non-existent even when I have been testing him by constantly changing my walking speed. Ralph has also already learned that he needs to be invited out of the gate and invited back in when going on a walk. he sits waiting patiently until I tell him to “Come on let’s go” or “come in”.

basically what I am trying to say after all my waffling is that I am very happy with the service I received from Dog Barking Mad and would recommend it to anyone who ever has any issues. We were both a little doubtful that such an improvement could be made with only once session but it can and will as long as you listen and follow what is instructed you will see things working very quickly.

We have already passed the extra card given to us on to a friend so hopefully, you will be contacted by them soon.

I have also attached a photo of something that my wife has not been able to do since April last year. Due to needing spinal surgery and having it done in February 2017 Ralphs constant lead pulling meant that she could never hold his lead and walk with him. this is something which seems very small but helps you bond with your dog. She was so happy that she was able to do this last night.

Thank you so much,

Dean, Carlene and Ralph