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Dog Whisperer in Essex

The Dog Whisperer

Hello, my name is Malcolm Hudson and I am a professional dog whisperer based in Grays, Essex. I travel all over Essex, Kent and South London helping dogs and owners every day.


I have had many years of practical field experience with dog behavioural problems. Prior to the launch of Dog Barking Mad I was the Head Dog Whisperer at a canine centre in Brittany, France. That particular centre specialised in severe dog aggression but also had a variety of problem dogs that needed rehabilitation.

I also hold a level 1, level 2 and advanced level 3 diploma in Dog Psychology and Dog Training.

The Dog Barking Mad Method

The term “dog whisperer” is exactly as its stated, every time I work with a dog its very relaxed, without shouting or using force. The training sessions are kept very quiet and are mainly based on the dog’s own language of calming signals. This method is very rarely used and unique to Dog Barking Mad. This is why the dogs respond so fast. Also they are far less likely to relapse into old, undesired behaviour. True rehabilitation.

If you would like see what is included in a private dog training session please go to the Dog Training – Home Visiting Sessions page.

Dog Whisperer in Essex

Patch and Alan

Dog Whisperer 5 Star Reviews

All training methods are simple, effective and owners find them very easy to use. Everything is step by step so you and your dog can learn together. For validity of my excellent success rate and to see what other owners have said please read their 5 star reviews. (Also found on Facebook).

I always use what is easiest for the dog to understand, this way he learns quickly and therefore makes changes quickly. Everything is always kept very calm so that everyone can enjoy the learning.

Dog Barking Mad caters for all breeds, all dogs and all dog problems. Multi dog households are more than welcome.

Contact Details

If you have a dog problem please go to the Dog Barking Mad Contact Page.

Alternatively, you can call now, on

07494 478892

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Dog Barking Mad. For True Dog Rehabilitation.

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