Ultimate Dog Training -Building the Bond

The Foundations of Dog Training
If you’ve had a look around the website you’ll notice my dog training involves a lot of calming signals. Amongst other training methods, such as Micro Training, this is unique to Dog Barking Mad. 

The most important thing in dog training is building a bond with your dog. As a dog trainer it is also important I also build a bond with the dogs I work with. Building a bond of trust and respect takes a long time when you are both speaking different languages which is where calming signals come into play. They are usually the first tool I use and get an immediate response, whether it’s a nervous dog or an aggressive one. And so this opens up the lines of communication. Dogs are not used to humans giving off or indeed reading calming signals so when it is done correctly it is very powerful. This is true dog psychology. Calming signals make me a unique dog trainer within the industry but it definitely the new way forward. 

Once the dog has relaxed and both of us are on the same wavelength then rehabilitation can start. Dog training programs must be worked in an individual way for each dog because not only is every breed very different but there is much variation in personalities too. There is then of course the added history of the dog’s life especially if they’ve been rescued. As you can see my dog training programs are very personal to each dog- as it should be. 

Micro Training

Another unique method to Dog Barking Mad is my Micro Training. This is used as and when necessary if I feel the dog would benefit from it. I mostly use this new training method with very intelligent dogs that need “work” or when a dog needs to sharpen his listening skills. Every dog can respond to Micro Training but not every dog needs it. 

All of my methods are positive and build the bond between the dog and the trainer. When owners learn these methods too it brings them closer to their dog and the lines of communication begin to open. You can literally see the difference before your eyes. And once your dog knows what you want he quickly responds. It is truly a wonderful language and a very effective training tool. 

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