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Dog Trainer Profile – Unique Dog Training Methods

The Dog Trainer Profile

Hello, my name is Malcolm Hudson and I am a fully insured, professional dog trainer based in Grays, Essex. I am also a Dog Behaviourist (fully qualified) and I would personally like to welcome you to the Dog Barking Mad website. I travel all over Essex and Kent helping dogs and owners everyday.



Almost every day I am working dogs through their behavioural problems, from recall to resource guarding. Prior to the launch of Dog Barking Mad I was the Head Dog Trainer at a canine centre in Brittany, France. That particular centre specialised in severe dog aggression but also had a variety of problem dogs that needed rehabilitation (more on them below).

I also hold a level 1, level 2 and advanced level 3 diploma in Practical Dog Psychology and Dog Training.


The Dogs in France

It was whilst working in France that I decided to build my own company and use my own methods because I was tired, and to be honest upset, with a lot of dog training I had seen over the years. But before I left I managed to help the dogs I was working with. These particular dogs became very special to me during my time at the dog centre.

Dog Barking Mad caters for all breeds, all dogs and all dog problems. Multi dog households are more than welcome.

The Dog Barking Mad Method

No dog should be made to do something through fear of reprimand as that is not the correct, or natural way, to train a dog. Instead, all training is based on natural dog psychology. I educate dogs to make better choices and then guide him into making the right decisions. This way your dog is far less likely to relapse back into old, undesired behaviour. True rehabilitation.

It was this concept which first led me to develop the D.B.M. Dog Training System. It is both dog friendly and highly effective. Yet it is also still straightforward enough to teach dog owners how to both follow and implement. If you would like see what is included in a private dog training session please go to the Dog Training – Home Visiting Sessions page.

Dog Trainer in Grays

Patch and Alan using calming signals so as not to fight

Dog Barking Mad 5 Star Reviews

My kind, easy training methods and simple, step by step dog training techniques bring about fast and effective results which my clients find very easy to use. For validity of my excellent success rate and to see what other owners have said please read their 5 star reviews. (Also found on Facebook).

What Makes Me Different from Other Dog Trainers?

My dog training methods are very unique and very natural. I mainly use canine body language with the dogs, especially calming signals. (Click here for more on Calming Signals). Most dog trainers tend to stick to one method of training which isn’t suitable for all breeds. I change and adapt the training so that your dog can understand and make changes within one session. Another unique addition to Dog Barking Mad is Micro Training- this is completely exclusive to my company but I use it almost every day! It gets dogs thinking, working and listening to their owner very fast- as well as building that important bond.

I always use what is easiest for your dog to understand, this way he learns quickly and therefore changes quickly. Everything is always kept very calm and relaxed in my sessions so that everyone can enjoy the learning.

Contact Details

If you have a dog problem please go to the Dog Barking Mad Contact Page.

Alternatively, you can call now, on

07494 478892

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Dog Barking Mad. For True Dog Rehabilitation.

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Dog Behaviourist. Fully Insured. Fully Certified

Dog Barking Mad Dog Trainer Fully Insured And Fully Certified.

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