This is Bailey, a beautiful little 3 year old Chihuahua. Today DBM was called in by Jacqueline and Keith, his owners, to address a few issues. Bailey has a variety of problems the worst being attacking guests which led to him recently drawing blood! We went right through the card with Bailey today, we addressed every single aspect of Bailey world- front door protocol, place training, Micro training, house rules, improvement of relationships and of course aggression. I am pleased to say that Bailey performed like a little star today with vast improvement evident immediately, on every subject. I feel certain that with the right structure and the right guidance and leadership from Jacqueline and Keith this clever little dog will go from strength to strength, so a big DBM well done to Bailey, keep up the good work.


This beautiful fellow is Ralphie, a 7 month old Galgo rescued from Spain. Today DBM was called in by Peter and Janet, his new owners of just one week, to settle him in properly and to start him off on the right paw. The Galgo is a very ancient breed of sight hound, bred to chase hares over rough terrain, they can reach speeds of 40 mph, they are endurance runners, slightly smaller than the greyhound and they have no problem sitting unlike the greyhound. They can be very docile pets indoors but they are treated quite cruelly in their native Spain and often destroyed at the end of the coursing season. So here at DBM we fully support the rescue centres that specialise in this sweet loving breed. We went right through the card on Ralphie and immediately positive growth was evident, so a big DBM well done to Ralphie, keep up the good work.


This is Ava, a sweet little 2 year old Shihtzu. Ava came from a breeding farm and has been with her new owners ( Ann and Jeff ) since she was 14 months old. Ava had no socialisation opportunities in her previous life and this has left her in a very anxious state of mind. She is scared of people, dogs and cars. Realising that professional help was needed, Ann consulted her local vet who recommended DBM, so today I assessed Ava and started the healing process. Ava’s road will be a long one, but I’m pleased to say that even on our first session an indication of positive growth was clearly evident. Ann and Jeff have already made good headway towards helping Ava and are to be commended on their patience, guidance and love for this sweet little dog. Today was about setting in place a positive confidence building program for Ava to follow and also educate Ann and Jeff on the correct way to proceed. So a big DBM well done to all involved today, keep up the good work.


This is Bailey, a beautiful 8 month old Doberman x Beagle. Bailey suffers with separation anxiety and so today DBM sat down with Stuart, her owner to address the issue. Barking and hyper active behaviour were evident in Bailey as soon as anyone enters the house, this we very quickly corrected. Also lead pulling was another bad problem, once again we very quickly established the correct program for Bailey and a vast improvement was immediately evident. Next we went right through the card on Bailey to establish a sensible working program aimed at addressing the main issue of separation anxiety. With all of the techniques we put in place today, along with Stuart’s support and new found knowledge, I feel certain that this clever little dog will just grow and grow, so a big DBM well done to Bailey, keep up the good work.


This beautiful fellow is Buster, a 3 year old wire haired fox terrier. Buster has a dog aggression problem that is based on relationship issues, so today DBM set to work with Don and Angela, his owners, to address this. We worked on several aspects of life indoors, all designed to strengthen relationships and then we went out on the road to find other dogs. We encountered 7 dogs at close quarters on the walk and after an initial bark and correction with dog one, Buster soon responded to his new program. Angela very quickly took control of both the lead and Buster, no more pulling and not allowing Buster his usual anti social attitude, so a big DBM well done to all involved today, keep up the good work.