This is little fellow is Buddy, an adorable 5 year old Chihuahua x Jack Russell. Buddy is noise reactive and likes to bark and nip people’s ankles when the door knocks or phone rings! Today DBM was called in by Keith and Yvette, his owners to address the problem, we worked on several aspects of Buddy’s desensitisation program and with help from Katie (The clients daughter) we started the process of calming Buddy down. Buddy showed great promise today, and I’m sure that with the family’s help he will soon be back on track, so a big well done to all involved in today’s session, keep up the good work.


This is Daisy, an adorable 5 year old English Bull Terrier, today DBM was called in by Keighley, her owner to address Daisy’s high energy issues. We looked at various techniques for calming Daisy down, and I’m pleased to say that Daisy responded amazingly well to her new training, I’m sure that with Keighleys guidance Daisy will soon learn to relax and move forward in a much more positive way, so a big well done to Daisy, keep up the good work.

Here’s what Keighley said afterwards

Big thank you to Malcom today who we called in for help with daisy our bull terrier, very over excited and needs to get back on track with her lead training and overall being over excited inside the house when people come in and outside the house, can see the difference already and will put all the information and knowledge to work straight away. Malcolm explained everything very clear. Thank you again and hope to update you soon with Daisy’s progress. 

Stan and Winnie

This is Stan and Winnie, two beautiful 4 month old Cane Corsos. Today DBM was called in by Vikki and Dan, their owners to map out a positive program for them to follow. We set out rules, boundaries and limitations and discussed in depth the leadership skills required by Vikki and Dan. We also started some basic lead work and initiated micro training into their program as well as  various ways to mentally challenge and stimulate the dogs. So a big well done to all involved today, keep up the good work.

Here’s what Vikki had to say… 

Thanks to Malcolm. 

Just completed a one on one session with our two cane corso puppies, very knowledgeable and learnt lots about dog behaviour. Highly recommend 

Mitzie and Ollie

This is Mitzie, a beautiful little 3 year old Shih Tzu and her pack mate Ollie. Mitzie has a phobia of sunlight reflections, also toilet issues and needs some front door protocol and house rules, as does Ollie. Today DBM set to work with Moira and David, their owners, to address these issues. Both dogs responded amazingly well to their new training programs and I’m sure that with Moira and David’s guidance both dogs will soon be  on track, so a big well done to Mitzie and Ollie, keep up the good work.

Here’s what they said after the session… 

I contacted Dog Barking Mad through utter desperation as my 3 year shih tzu was still not toilet-trained, was aggressive with other dogs when out for a walk and barked at lights, torches and sunshine as well as a few more other behavioural issues that needed addressing.

Malcolm gave us outstanding advice which we are now putting into practice.  He was so positive and reassuring in his approach and demonstrated a wealth of knowledge.  His enthusiasm, professionalism and commitment was plain to see.  Malcolm gave us a wealth of new ideas and confidence in putting them into practice.  I cannot recommend Malcolm and his company highly enough.

Thank you Malcolm for your patience and understanding and for helping us to deal with our dog’s needs and for demonstrating to us how we can deal with all issues mentioned in a calm and kind way.


Marley and Murphy

This is Marley (above) a 3 year old rescue from Cyprus and Murphy his Labrador pack mate. Today DBM was called in by Jules and Paul, their owners to deal with Marley’s dog aggression. We worked on helping Marley to calm down and relax in potentially high energy situations and young Marley responded amazingly well to his new DBM training program- meeting Zam the neighbours dog ( his nemesis )in a very calm and peaceful way, so a big well done to Marley, keep up the good work.