Milo and Olly

This is Milo ( left ), a 4 year old Jack Russell and his son, Olly ( right ), a 3 year old Jack Russell. These two little rascals have been causing a few problems lately. They often fight between themselves, have also shown signs of resource guarding and can at times can even be aggressive to members of the house hold! So today DBM was called in by Brittany and Terry, their owners, to address all of these issues. We went right through the card on young Milo and Olly; we addressed environment issues and relationship problems, we dealt very quickly with the aggression problems, taking full control of the situation and empowering the owners instantly. We then laid out a full program for both dogs to follow with their owners. I feel certain that with Brittany and Terry’s new found knowledge and guidance things will soon settle down now and everyone can start to enjoy a much more harmonious home life. So a big DBM well done to all involved today, keep up the good work!

Here’s what Brittany said after their session…

Malcom visited us today to work on some issues with our two jacks and we are both incredibly grateful for the knowledge he has given us. there has already been a huge change in our dogs behaviour and we are stunned by the transformation.
Thank you so much to Malcolm and his team. Highly recommend!

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