This is Alfie, an adorable 2 year old Labrador. Today DBM was called in by Marion and Tony, his owners, to address a few issues. Pulling on the lead and recall were his brief, however it was very quickly evident that there was more to do. Alfie demands off them and is prone to be a little bit vocal at times, so straight away we set to work. We addressed all of these issues today and Alfie took to his new training programs very well. I also educated Marion and Tony on how to proceed with Alfie’s future education. Alfie is a very intelligent and affable dog and I’m sure that with Marion and Tony’s new found knowledge and guidance he will no doubt go from strength to strength, so a big DBM well done to all involved today, keep up the good work.

Here’s what Marion said afterwards …

Wow, what a brilliant morning spent with Malcom, we learnt so much, I have been practicing this afternoon, even our walk has improved already, be better tomorrow when Alfie’s new slip lead arrives, but already a massive difference, I am feeling so much more confident in using commands now too, Malcom gave us loads of ideas for Alfie to do to use his intelligence to occupy him, we have played find the treat this afternoon, I think I will have to find better hiding places, he is smart ! We are now looking forward with Alfie not in despair anymore, Thank you Malcom

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