This handsome fellow is Max, a 5 year old GSD. Today DBM was called in by Stacey, his owner to address a few issues. Max loves to bark, he also gets high levels of lead excitement and when out on the walk he pulls like a steam train so much so that Stacey can no longer walk him! He has become too much to handle. Max has been with Stacey a year now, his previous owner sadly passed away, leaving Max without a pack leader, so today was a game of two halves. Firstly I to educated Stacey in how to fulfil the role of pack leader, and then we to started the process of rehabilitating Max, calming him and down getting him to listen . We covered a lot of ground today, and even though this is a work in progress, I feel confident that with Stacey’s new found knowledge and skills we will soon have Max back on track. So a big DBM well done to all involved today, keep up the good work.

Here’s what Stacey said later…

His explanations were so easy to follow and understand. Honestly can’t believe how much difference I’ve seen in such a short amount of time, not even a week! Now my niece is more interested in the window cleaner than max is! Usually I’d have to shut him in a separate room or he would bark continually! Honestly amazing! I never thought I’d be able to help max much, as he’s now 5! But who knew! Malcolm did!

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