This is Wrath, a beautiful 16 month old GSD. Today DBM was called in by Tracey and Pat, his owners, to address a few issues. Indoors Wrath barks at sounds and visitors at the door, he can also be hyper at times and tends to ignore his owners commands. Outdoors he lunges at cars and people on bikes and can be very disruptive on the lead when over stimulated. Today we went right through the card on young Wrath, we focused very much on relationships and structure, we then worked on barking issues and front door protocols, and we also addressed desensitisation to traffic. Wrath took to the new training programs exceptionally well today, (as did Tracey), much growth was achieved by both, so a big DBM well done to all involved today, keep up the good work.

This is what Tracey wrote afterwards …

Just wanted to say a big thank you to Malcom who came to me today and noticing I was ready to give up on my German Shepard due me not having much control at all !!!

He left after 2 hours of totally reforming Wrath and me (more so me ) and doing it in a way of not making me feel like the failure I was feeling

I can not recommend him enough to someone who needs help with their dog

He was definitely our hero today

Thanks Malcom 5 star and much more

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