Stanley, Bentley, Eric and Bo

Today DBM was called in by Jo to help manage her pack’s energy in a more constructive and positive way. Jo has a 4 dog pack consisting of Stanley, a 5 year old Pug who serves as the pack’s emotional download stick for all of their negative energy, Bentley a 1 1/2 year old French Bulldog who has set himself up as the pack “police man”- constantly trying to bring some order back into the pack, Eric a 2 year old Pug with medical problems who brings very erratic energy to the pack, and last but not least Bo, a 10 month old French Bulldog female who has set herself up as pack leader and instigates most of the pack fighting. All in all a very dynamic and volatile mix, however, by using simple DBM pack management skills and techniques we very quickly took control and brought peace and order back to the pack. We then empowered Jo by raising her profile to that of an actively involved pack leader who now understands pack dynamics and the importance of managing the energy of her pack in a more hands on and constructive way. So a huge DBM well done to Jo and her pack, much was achieved today, keep up the good work.

Here’s what Jo said afterwards…

“Amazing help and support from Malcolm

Using strategies already on my pack and it’s levels which are definitely working
5 star xxx”

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