Lincoln, Luna and Juniper

Today DBM was called in by Wendy to deal with her Chihuahua x Shihtzu pack. From left to right we have Lincoln 3 years old, Luna 3 years old and Juniper 2 years old. This pack likes to bark! They bark at noises, quick movements, guests, the front door and a variety of other stimulation’s, obviously this is not acceptable and we needed to take back control of the pack especially since Wendy’s daughter, Tia, is expecting her first baby in 8 weeks time. Using DBM training programmes we very quickly took control of the situation, we addressed relationships and environment, along with a whole host of practical techniques all designed to empower Wendy. I feel confident that things will be a lot quieter in the future, so a big DBM well done to all involved today, keep up the good work.

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