This is Dolly, a beautiful 14 month old GSD. Dolly lives with her pack mate Duke, a 7 month old GSD, and her owners Paul and Kerry. Dolly is very reactive to people and dogs when she goes out on the walk and recently young Duke has started to follow her lead. Today DBM was called in to put their pack back on to the right track. We went through a variety of lead and long line techniques with Dolly and worked with other dogs in the park, teaching her to switch off. Also we used various people distractions on a busy London high street and I’m pleased to say that young Dolly responded very well to her new training. Eventually we returned to the family home where the whole aura indoors was markedly calmer. Kerry, in particular, was very impressed with this, so a big DBM well done to Dolly, keep up the good work.

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