Ronnie the Deaf Frenchie

This is Ronnie, a 2 year old deaf French Bulldog. Today DBM was called in by Gary and Sam, his owners, to deal with a few issues. Every thing in this session had to be modified specially so that Ronnie could understand. We looked at several aspects of Ronnie’s life, environment, relationships, rules, boundaries and hand signs for communication. Ronnie has a bit of a resource guarding problem when it comes to high value foods such as pig’s ears. We started work on that straight away and both Gary and Sam were taught how to work safely with this issue, an important factor as thoughts of a first baby are already on the cards.

Ronnie is a delightful little dog who enjoys human contact and responded very well to the DBM training methods. I’m sure that with Gary and Sam’s guidance and his new DBM program he will score well in his training, so a big well done to Ronnie, keep up the good work.

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