This is Isla, a beautiful 2 year old Yorkie x Poodle. Today DBM was called in by Kathleen, her owner, to address a few issues. Isla doesn’t like to be touched for veterinary check ups, she loves affection but hates the vet’s attention. She can also display nervous behaviour in certain circumstances, so the first order of the day was to go through her environment and pack relationship problems. Once we had reconstructed her basics we set to work on touch desensitisation, using the DBM Desensitisation Programme. I’m pleased to say we quickly achieved our goals! We calmly checked her paws and ears, her mouth and teeth plus various other sensitive areas, all of which Isla took to very calmly. We then did a flea treatment dummy run using a syringe and water and Isla performed like a little star, staying calm throughout! So a great big DBM well done to Isla, keep up the good work.

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