Sheldon and Albert

This is Sheldon (Black) an 18 month old Pug, and Albert (white) a 1 year old Pug. Today DBM was called in by Simon and Lisa, their owners, to address a few issues. Sheldon gets very anxious and recently had an incident where he tried controlling a child’s movements, also on occasion he fights with Albert. He is also a bit of a puller on the lead so we went right through the whole environment with Sheldon and Albert -we addressed structure and relationships, we started front door rules to prevent running out, we also worked on anti barking programs both in the house and in the garden and we introduced Sheldon to some basic lead techniques. I am pleased to say that both Sheldon and Albert responded very well to all of their different training programmes today, and I’m sure that with Simon and Lisa’s guidance these two little rascals will go from strength to strength. So a big DBM well done to all involved today, everyone achieved a lot within the 2 hour session, keep up the good work!

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