This is magnificent fellow is Bailey, a Staff x Pitbull. Bailey suffers with isolation/ separation anxiety ever since the sad loss of his pack mate a few weeks ago. So today DBM was called in by Brett and Gemma, his owners, to see if we could fix this very serious problem. Bailey whines, howls and barks for 8 hours non stop whilst they’re out. This creates a serious level of stress and is very damaging to a dog. Today we started Bailey on the DBM separation anxiety program, we went right through the card with Bailey and I explained everything in great detail to Brett and Gemma, Bailey is a work in progress, however I feel sure that with Brett and Gemma’s support this magnificent dog will soon be back on track, so a big DBM well done to all involved today, keep up the good work.

Brett very kindly left a review a few days later on Bailey’s progress…

Bailey had separation anxiety and used to howl for hours while we were at work after losing our other dog a few weeks ago. Tried a few recommended things with no success. Malcolm came round and educated me and my partner in the way a dog should behave within its pack and where we were going wrong. Malcolms visit was on the Sunday, I was worried about going to work on the Monday but not a sound out of him all day bless him(bought a pet cam). Would recommend Dog Barking Mad to anyone that’s having problems with their dogs. Amazing results.

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