Milo and Daisy

This is Milo and his sister Daisy, two beautiful 6 year old Staffs. Today DBM was called in by Kim and James, their owners, to address a few issues. We worked on socialisation with the family cats, whining for attention, front door protocols, basic training techniques, rules boundaries and limitations for the dogs, how to be good pack leaders, barking control, various lead techniques and more! A good days work was had by all today, Milo and Daisy responded very well to their new training regime, and I’m sure that with guidance from Kim and James they will just go from strength to strength, so a big DBM well done to all involved, keep up the good work.

Here’s what Kim and James said afterwards…

Never thought we would see the day . A full afternoon of constant training and practicing walking these pooches are well and truly knackered. We can’t thank you enough for today , looking forward to the next 12 weeks . James and kim

Can’t thank Malcolm enough. Not just for the knowledge of dogs and their language but for the success that has been achieved in one day and taking the time to sit and re educate us. Today has been a eye opener and am looking forward to the next 12 weeks . Thankyou again -Kim

What can I say? If you know my dogs they needed this as lovely as they are and in 1 3 hour session my dogs have already completely got off the sofa and been calm around the new cats. Looking forward to the plan for the next 12 week boot camp but if you have a dog that needs a bit of work Malcolm is the guy to do it. I’ve learnt so much about dogs today its incredible! -James

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