This is Ulysses, an adorable 15 year old Spanish Rescue. Ulysses has been through a lot of changes recently, he use to live in Spain with an elderly owner and another little dog as a pack mate, unfortunately his owner passed away and the other little dog was re homed by the family, however no one wanted to take on Ulysses, so for 1 year he was left in the house on his own and once per day one of the family would pop in and top up his food and water. Eventually he was rescued by a Spanish dog trust and put into a fenced field with other dogs, this was all too much trauma for Ulysses and he had a mini breakdown, at this point his new owner Cheryl decided to rescue him, he then traveled to England to start his new life. He has been with Cheryl for 4 months now and is a perfect dog, except quite understandably he suffers with isolation anxiety. Today DBM worked with Ulysses and Cheryl and excellent progress was made, I feel sure that with Cheryl’s love and guidance he will now go from strength to strength, so a big DBM well done to Ulysses, keep up the good work.

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