This handsome fellow is Fudge, a 1 year old Labrador. Fudge goes to work with his owner Sharon at the local grooming parlor, however he finds the whole experience very stressful- he whines, he barks and he howls incessantly! Fudge is a big lead puller and even after months of training classes still pulls Sharon vigorously on the lead, using DBM lead techniques within 30 minutes we had Sharon and Fudge walking calmly and correctly! Next we focused on the grooming parlor. We tried several techniques until eventually we found the right formula, very quickly Fudge calmed down and relaxed. We also went right through the environment, creating correct structures and protocols for Fudge to follow. Fudge is a work in progress however I feel that today great progress was made in a much more positive direction for Fudge, and I’m sure that with his new program strongly implemented Fudge will go from strength to strength. So a big DBM well done to all involved today, keep up the good work.

Here’s what Sharon said after the session…

Very helpful and nice to have the information so that I can move forward to educate myself to get the dog that understands calm leadership thank you. Fudge is truly chilled I am thrilled with his calmness so are all the girls at work thank you

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