This adorable little fellow is Gizmo, a 3 year old Jack Russell x from Ireland. Gizmo has only been with his new family for 5 weeks and has been through a lot lately, he was viciously attacked on his way over to the U.K., by another dog in the same crate, which chewed his face and neck badly and he is still recovering from his injuries! Plus he has recently been de sexed and chipped and then re homed, an awful lot for poor little Gizmo to deal with. He now has some barking issues and he gets over excited when he sees other dogs, so today Janice and her son Nick called in DBM to help. We went right through the card on little Gizmo and set up an indoor program to suit his needs. Then we went out on the road to establish a positive socialisation program for him to follow, Gizmo responded excellently to his training today, and I feel sure that with Janice and Nicks guidance he will just go from strength to strength. So a big DBM well done to little Gizmo, keep up the good work.

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