This beautiful girl is Ella, a 3 year old Labrador. Ella is hyper active, jumps, barks and likes to shake the cushions and bounce off the furniture! She also steals the washing from the tumble dryer and claims any dropped items of clothing as hers. Today DBM was called in by Lee, her owner, to address the problem. Ella’s education was interrupted due to the birth of baby Riley (10 months old) and she just needed some help in redirecting her energy. This clever little dog soon responded to her new training programs and I’m sure that with her family’s help and guidance she will just go from strength to strength, so a big DBM well done to Ella, keep up the good work.

Here’s what Leanne said afterwards…

Thank you so much for your help with Ella. She has done so well, this is her actually laying on her own bed in the front room, and no running on the sofa attacking the cushions. It’s so nice to have her sitting with us all chilled out, only downside though is her snoring 😂😂.
Thanks again for all your advice 😊

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