Patch and Alan

This is Patch, a 1 year old Westie x Scottie and Alan, a 10 month old Boxer. Nina owns Patch and Dominic owns Alan. All meet up on a regular basis at Nina and Dominic’s work, along with a 16 week Bulldog and another 1 year old Westie x Scottie. The problem is that Patch and Alan are arch enemies! Alan is of a nervous disposition and Patch is very dominant but human intervention is the key. Today we covered various aspects on each of the dogs in a one on one socialisation of Patch and Alan. It’s very early days with this situation, however good progress was made today as we actually managed to get both dogs together in a calm and relaxed manner. You can even see in the photo both are turning their heads away – a very clear calming signal! So a big DBM well done to Patch and Alan, keep up the good work.

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