This beautiful girl is Trixie, a 1 year old Collie who lives with her pack mate Topsy, a 2 1/2 year Collie and 8 cats. Trixie likes to think of herself as pack leader, on walks she pulls like a 4×4 and barks and howls the entire walk! She also likes to greet people with unwanted jumping and bolt through open doors. So today Ken and Emma, her owners, called in DBM for some much needed guidance and advice. We worked on several techniques designed to improve relationships and house manners, then it was out on the road for practical application. I’m pleased to say that Trixie responded very well to her new DBM training program, there was no barking or howling on our walk. Once leader / follower had been established there was very little in the way of pulling either. Also indoors Trixie was much calmer and respectful of people’s space, so a big DBM well done to Trixie, keep up the good work.

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