This beautiful girl is Jessie, an 18 month old GSD. Today DBM was called in by Tony and Megan, her new owners of just 3 weeks. Jessie has had no lead training and pulls intensely- a serious problem for Megan with baby Ronnie. Also Jessie has had minimal socialisation opportunity’s which is a legacy of her past and barks at people and dogs when out on walks. So today we set to work with Jessie, we very quickly managed to improve Jessie’s lead work and then we worked on various socialisation techniques for Jessie meeting several dogs whilst out on our walk. Jessie is a job in progress however she made very large steps forward today, so a big DBM well done to Jessie, keep up the good work.

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  1. Pleased to say we took Jessie to the park today and had no barking whatsoever!!! Big improvement! She was busy playing and didn’t react to people or dogs, so happy at the progress she’s already made. Pulled badly at first but after a good run she walked well on the lead. Barking at the door is a problem still but she will wait when told to. Very pleased with our girl 🙂 x

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