This is Jake, a handsome 4 1/2 year old Pondenco. Jake has started attacking his 10 year old pack mate Bobby and also other dogs but more alarmingly he has also started nipping at people when out on walks. Stacey and Ryan, his owners, decided that help was badly needed, so today we took Jake out for a full assessment. I discovered if he sees a cat or dog he gets so excited that he try’s to nip the person on the other end of the lead, just out of pure frustration- a process known as transference. However by using DBM lead training techniques we very quickly helped Jake to dump his negative energy and calm down. As Stacey said, he was like a different dog! We also went right through the card on Jake, looking at every aspect of Jakes world, we corrected several negative elements and very quickly Jake was a much more calmer and relaxed dog, so a big DBM well done to Jake, keep up the good work.

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