Lola and Bunny

This is Lola and Bunny, two beautiful little 1 year old Pomeranians. Today DBM was called in by Tom and Charlotte, their owners, to address a few issues. Incessant barking and anti social behaviour towards people and dogs when out on walks (to name but two!). We went right through the card on these two adorable little rascals, covering every aspect of their world. We started a very positive anti bark program for the dogs to follow, including calming signals which both dogs responded to amazingly well – both following my lead and becoming calm and quiet. We covered rules, boundaries and limitations to create a healthier relationship between the dogs and their owners and then we covered structured lead work out on the road and also various socialisation techniques for both Tom and Charlotte to employ. I also many training techniques and tips. I’m pleased to say that a good days work was had by all today, so a big DBM well done, keep up the good work.

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