This magnificent fellow is Rocky, an 18 month old Rottweiler x Staff. Today DBM was called in by Hazel, her son Jordan and his partner Chloe to address a few issues. Rocky is a wonderful dog however he is a bit of a power puller, so the first thing we did was to establish a healthier relationship with Rocky and lay down some sensible boundaries for him to follow. Then, with our ground work complete, it was out on the road. I’m pleased to say that Rocky responded to his new DBM training program like a little star, in no time at all we had him walking beautifully and I’m sure that with the family’s new found knowledge and guidance Rocky will just go from strength to strength, so a big DBM well done to Rocky, keep up the good work.

A review from Chloe afterwards

Within minuets of Malcom building a relationship with rocky and being patient and consistent with him he was a differently behaved dog. The knowledge he gave us was excellent!

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