Bonnie and Clyde

This is Bonnie and Clyde, two beautiful little 3 year old Dachshund x Jack Russells. Today DBM was called in by Roz, their owner, to deal with some unwanted issues. Barking is a problem and un restrained energy is another. The first thing we did was to take control of our little pack and to educate Roz in the art of pack leadership, we then went right through the dogs environment, eliminating any negative trigger points and creating a much more positive structure for Roz and the dogs to enjoy. We covered leader/follower door protocols, basic place and micro training essentials and we set the dogs a boot camp training program of 6/8 weeks in order to fully establish their new training techniques. A good days work was had by all today, so a big DBM well done to Roz, Bonnie and Clyde, keep up the good work.

A review from Roz…

“I have two happy jacks who are making my life a misery- my fault and I needed educating!! Malcolm came to visit today and explained how dogs think act behave. He explained the history of dogs and how the pack works and I feel well equipped with the knowledge to put them on our personalised boot training camp for the 6-8 weeks as recommended. His teaching was well explained and so easy to understand and follow. I would more than recommend this man to help you get the best from your dog/s. I will keep you all posted with our progress- I am now confident to tackle these two- a thoroughly enlightening experience. Thank you Malcolm – I also know that you are there if I forget bits or for any new advice should I need it.”

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