This handsome fellow is Murphy, an 11 month old GSD. Murphy suffers with an acute Displacement Disorder- in Murphy’s case this has manifested as obsessive spinning, which he does all day everyday. A lot of people believe this to be similar to OCD in humans. Today DBM was called in by Dawn, his owner, out of sheer desperation. We spoke at length about Murphy’s condition and even though no specific incident could be recalled it was clear that at some point Murphy has had a traumatic incident and that trauma was a direct result of his obsession. Once that was established we set to work, using the DBM Displacement Program, we very quickly saw a vast improvement in Murphy. Complete recovery will take time of course, however I feel sure that with Dawn’s guidance and new found knowledge Murphy will soon be back on track, so a big DBM well done to Murphy, keep up the good work.

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  1. Update on Murphy……following training instructions strictly has worked and Murphy no longer spins. Murphy is a very happy dog with an enormous character, can’t thank DBM enough.

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