This handsome fellow is Milo, a 1 year old Jack Russell. Milo lives with Ginger, his 9 year old pack mate and his owners Irina and Ash. Today DBM was called in to address a few issues, both dogs are barkers and sensitive to noise triggers, plus Milo is anti social on walks which has led to him being not taken on walks. We worked on both dogs barking issues and front door protocol to which both responded well. We then set out a sensible structure for life indoors and started the basics of a structured walk program for Milo to follow. We also put into place a safe exercise regime for Milo as exercise is essential for both physical and mental health, more to come on Milo at a later date.

A review from Irina.
Malcolm is a very professional dog trainer. He gave us a lot of information that we need to make Milo listen to us. I definitely recommend Malcolm. He is doing a great job.

Thank you very much

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