This is Mojo, a beautiful 2 year old Thai Ridgeback cross. The Thai Ridgeback is an intelligent loyal, loving and independent dog, once little known outside of Thailand, this breed is now becoming increasingly popular in the west. Today DBM was called in by Robyn and Chay to address a few issues with Mojo. Having been transported over from Thailand and only in his new home for 1 week Mojo is still settling in and it was important to his new owners that he starts off on the right paw. Today we went right through the card on Mojo, who responded very well to his new training and I’m sure that with his new owners guidance, Mojo will definitely go from strength to strength, so a big DBM well done to Mojo, keep up the good work.

A review from Robyn after our session.

We adopted our dog Mojo from Thailand, he’s been with us a week and is settling in well really well, but needs some fine tuning. Malcolm came to visit us today and literally earnt every single penny in the 3 hours he spent with us. The knowledge, passion and obvious experience this guy has is simply amazing. His methods clearly work, and we can’t wait to get started. Can’t thank you enough Malcolm. Love Robyn, Chay & Mojo.

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