This beautiful fellow is Ralphie, a 7 month old Galgo rescued from Spain. Today DBM was called in by Peter and Janet, his new owners of just one week, to settle him in properly and to start him off on the right paw. The Galgo is a very ancient breed of sight hound, bred to chase hares over rough terrain, they can reach speeds of 40 mph, they are endurance runners, slightly smaller than the greyhound and they have no problem sitting unlike the greyhound. They can be very docile pets indoors but they are treated quite cruelly in their native Spain and often destroyed at the end of the coursing season. So here at DBM we fully support the rescue centres that specialise in this sweet loving breed. We went right through the card on Ralphie and immediately positive growth was evident, so a big DBM well done to Ralphie, keep up the good work.

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