This adorable little fellow is Benji, an intelligent 7 month old Jack Russell. Today DBM was called in by Rick, Lorraine and their daughter Jade to address a few issues. We looked at the importance of place training, we established a firm foundation in lead work and long line exercise, we also looked at socialisation with other dogs, all of which Benji took too quite naturally. We made very good headway on front door protocol, plus we established rules, boundaries and limitations for Benji to follow. We also discussed the importance of good pack leadership skills from the family.

Then we spent time on socialising Benji with the family cat. Up until today Benji would chase the cat and jump all over it, leaving the poor cat (understandably) very nervous of being in Benjics company! Within no time we had the pair of them enjoying a nice sociable afternoon together, a vast improvement from previous attempts. So a big DBM well done to Benji, keep up the good work.

Here’s what Lorraine said later “Malcolm was amazing he’s helped us so much already”

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