This beautiful fellow is Finley, a 20 month old cockapoo. Finley is a well behaved and intelligent little dog, however he does love to bark, he barks at the front door, he barks at other dogs on the tv, he barks in the car upon arrival at the park , he barks for his ball in the park, and he especially barks when visiting friends! So today DBM was called in by his owners, Paula and Paula, to address the problem. Very quickly we worked the front door program and Finley responded very well, also we all watched dogs on the tv together in peace, instead everyone having to wait until Finley was distracted so they could watch their programs! We calmed Finley down in the car quite easily and quickly nipped the park barking in the bud. Finley’s owners now have all of the tools they need to complete this little dogs education, so a big DBM well done to Finley, keep up the good work.

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