Charlie, Belle and Fivel

Today DBM was called in by Bev and her blind daughter Becky to address a few issues. This is Charlie (above) a clever little 5 year old Bichon who serves as an assistance dog for Becky and this is Belle a sweet 11 year old Bichon which Bev rescued last week. Last but not least the amazing Fivel, a 6 year old Bichon cross who is paraplegic. Fivel was beaten so badly by some men and then thrown against a tree, breaking his back, then left outside in deep snow to die ( all of this happened in his native Romania ). Remarkably this amazing little dog managed to survive and fend for himself for a few days until he was found and rescued, eventually making his way to the UK where he was adopted by Bev and Becky. However the cruelty he suffered has left him incontinent and has no movement at all in the back half of his body, and quite understandably has trust issues with men. The main issue today was incessant barking which we very quickly managed to bring under control, and left Bev and Becky with a very positive program, also I managed to have some one on one petting time with Fivel, which is essential for starting the healing process. So a big DBM well done to all involved today, keep up the good work.

Belle and Fivel

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