This intelligent little fellow is Banjo, an adorable papillon x Chihuahua mix. Banjo has been through a lot lately, he is an 18 month old Romanian street dog who was rescued and sent over to England- a very harrowing journey for the little fellow. He was then de sexed and still has stitches and has only been in his new home for 2 weeks with his new owner Carly plus her Mother and Father their 2 dogs and Carly’s cat. So a lot for little Banjo to adjust to. He has handled everything amazingly well, however he sees Carly’s cat as a chase toy, a throw back to his life on the street. Enter DBM, by using a desensitisation program unique to DBM, in just one session we had the cat and all of the dogs relaxing calmly in the living room, and the whole family working the program with ease. I feel confident that by following the program religiously this problem will soon be a thing of the past and the family can soon settle down to many years of enjoying this amazing little dog. So a big DBM well done to little Banjo, keep up the good work.

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