This delightful little fellow is Rollo a, beautiful 5 year old Jack Russell. Rollo has a variety of problems, he is very territorial and likes to nip guests, he is also a bit of a barker. Today DBM was called in by John and Suzanna and their son James to address the issue. Very quickly we established the root of Rollo’s problem as a lack of clear leadership and education, leaving Rollo feeling that he has to fill the leadership role, a job which he is not qualified to do and which leads to high stress for Rollo. So we set to work, first of all we educated the family on the do’s and dont’s of life with a dog, which everybody took to very quickly, and then we set to work with Rollo. We did front door protocol which this clever little dog responded to immediately, showing a massive improvement in little more than a couple of attempts, we then looked at various ways of helping Rollo to dump his negative energy quickly and how to involve him in a positive way when company arrives. We also worked on the basics of Micro Training and several other indoor training programs which are unique to DBM. Rollo responded like a little star and showed visible signs of being a much more relaxed and calmer dog, all of the family were impressed with his performance today and the way that he naturally took to his new training programs, so a big DBM well done to Rollo, keep up the good work.

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