This is Nellie, a beautiful 3 year old Border Terrier. Nellie has been attacked a couple of times and is very anti social to other dogs. Today DBM was called in by Bev, to address the problem, we started with life structure and worked on several h home issues to which Nellie responded very well. We then took Nellie out to assess her problems. We started with some basics, however Nellie will need a second visit in the new year, so more to come on Nellie later.

A message from Bev

Finally someone who just ‘gets it’! Malcom was great with Nel & she & I both trusted him from the off. 

Genuine lovely guy who really understood the issues I was having.

Easy to understand, positive and effective.

Malcolm has taught me how to help my dog & make her world a much better place, I can’t thank him enough!! 

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