This is Daisy, an adorable 5 year old English Bull Terrier, today DBM was called in by Keighley, her owner to address Daisy’s high energy issues. We looked at various techniques for calming Daisy down, and I’m pleased to say that Daisy responded amazingly well to her new training, I’m sure that with Keighleys guidance Daisy will soon learn to relax and move forward in a much more positive way, so a big well done to Daisy, keep up the good work.

Here’s what Keighley said afterwards

Big thank you to Malcom today who we called in for help with daisy our bull terrier, very over excited and needs to get back on track with her lead training and overall being over excited inside the house when people come in and outside the house, can see the difference already and will put all the information and knowledge to work straight away. Malcolm explained everything very clear. Thank you again and hope to update you soon with Daisy’s progress. 

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