Denya and Riva

This is Denya, an adorable 9.5 year old Staff cross and Riva, a beautiful 1 year old GSD. Today DBM was called in by Sue, their owner, to address a few issues. High energy within the house was evident, as was unwanted barking and jumping, also Riva was desperately in need of some schooling on his lead work. Due to Sue’s medical condition regular exercise was a problem, so we rolled up our sleeves and set to work. We laid out a positive plan for energy release on days when Sue was not so active, we put Riva to work with the DBM lead training program, which he took to straight away, no more pulling Sue down the road! We then focused on indoor training, and quickly got on top of the jumping and barking and lowered the energy within the house. Then we laid out some front door protocols for the dogs to follow which both dogs took to amazingly well. Sue was left much more knowledgable and empowered by her experience today, and the dogs much calmer and more relaxed, so a big well done to all involved, keep up the good work.

Here’s what Sue said afterwards

Just want to say a huge huge thank you to Malcolm who was greeted rather unsocially by my two dogs 9.5 yr old Staffy Cross and 1 yr old German Shepherd they were jumping up at him and being a total nuisance Malcolm stayed really calm and took control he stayed way and above the time I expected him to be with us and explained everything in so much detail I was amazed we even managed to walk my GSD on a simple but effective slip rope used in the correct fashion making things look so easy but also giving me the confidence that I could do it myself by the time he left us I now feel I am in control again still a long way to go but knowing that Malcolm is always on hand to help is fantastic I expected to have to have many visits by Malcolm but he said you will not need me back just to take your money just follow my plan little and often and you will be fine also amazed at how quick both my boys learnt who was in charge and soon stopped battling to be top dog and can honestly say the first night when even my cats could walk about without being chased Thank You so much Malcolm I will be recommending you to anyone that need help and I wish you great success in your future working with the dogs that mean so much to you.

P.S. Would also like to say it is the first time I have met a dog trainer I felt was honestly doing it for the love of dogs and not for the money they would earn -this service was PRICELESS.


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