This is Barney, a delightful little 18 month old cockapoo. Barney has a problem containing his excitement. He jumps and runs around and likes to steal things to get his owners attention. He barks at the TV, and gets anxious if he encounters anything different from his normal routine. So today DBM set to work with Laura, his owner- to fix the problems. We addressed each issue in turn and set out a constructive program for Barney to follow. We laid out some house rules and managed to calm Barney’s natural exuberance. We also managed to watch the TV with no barking, so a big well done to Barney and Laura, keep up the good work.

Here’s what Laura had to say afterwards…Thank you for all your help. 

I have been working with Barney all evening he is much calmer already he has only needed to go on his lead once and has only attempted to jump on furniture twice both times he got down with only one command. No barking tonight yay!!!

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