This is Dexter, a beautiful 4 year old Dalmatian. Dexter came from Spain where he spent the first 3 years of his life permanently chained. He has neck scars from where the chains had to be cut off of him. Then he was sent to England where he was kennelled in a very small run and eventually ended up being adopted by Mandy and her family 4 weeks ago. Dexter is very dog reactive and almost completely unsocialised with the wider world around him, he is unsure around traffic and wary of people he also has understandable food aggression where he was kept under nourished. He is quick to use bite transference as a stress mechanism but at heart is not an aggressive dog. He needs structure, leadership, education, and above all love. DBM left Mandy a positive program for him to follow, and with patience, time, and support, I’m sure that Dexters confidence will grow and grow.

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