Sham and Rosie

This big goofball is Sham, a beautiful 9 month old Rottweiler and his pack mate old Rosie (below). Rosie has a neurological disorder she has had all her life. She crawls as she is unable to walk and shakes constantly as she has no control over her body. However that aside she is a very well loved and happy little dog and it is a credit to Jane and Neil, her owners the way that they have loved and provided for her. I was especially impressed with the way she is encouraged to do as much for herself as her affliction will allow. Today DBM was called in to address the newest member of the pack- Sham. Upon entering it was clear that Sham needed some school work, he just saw people as walking toys and so we set to work. After 2 hours of intensive education for both Sham and his owners, I left a very calm, obedient and relaxed Sham behind me. So a big well done to all involved today, keep up the good work.

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