This little sweetheart is Lola, a 5 year old Terrier Cross. Today Dog Barking Mad sat down with Martin and Tracey (Lola’s new owners ) and went through several aspects of Lola’s environment. Lola has only been with her new family for 5 months and recently there was a small incident involving a visiting child that concerned both Martin and Tracey. The child was completely unhurt, however, very wisely the family decided that help was required. This was when DBM was called in for consultation.

 Lola is not an aggressive dog, she is a very sweet delightful little Terrier. However her world lacks the required structure. So like many other dogs, if not correctly educated in how to respond to new experiences, Lola fills in the gaps and inevitably gets it wrong. Today we discussed at length various ways in which we can help Lola to achieve the balanced environment that she craves. She has a wonderful loving family with Martin, Tracey and their 2 daughters, and I’m sure that with their support and a consistent application of the program we discussed, Lola’s world will soon be both enriched and fulfilled. So well done to Lola’s family, keep up the good work.

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