This magnificent boy is Dennis, a 4 year old Bull Terrier. Dennis is a wonderful dog, however he has never had any serious schooling. So today Dog Barking Mad sat down with Adam and Kayleigh (his owners) and went through a multi program package for Dennis.

I soon discovered that his attachment to Adam is unhealthy. An unhealthy relationship or attachment will cause a dog to have anxiety when they are separated. Also with Kayleigh he can be a little indignant at times.

Dennis has an obsessive fixation with plastic bottles (a throw back from his previous home). Lately has started taking an unhealthy interest in the baby’s bottles and stealing them from the children. Another problem is that he can be a strong puller on the lead and can be vocal when confronted with other dogs.

So today DBM rolled up its sleeves and set to work. After 4 hours of intensive training, we had finally addressed every single issue. Adam and Kayleigh took to the program very well and visible progress was made with Dennis. As I said to Adam, the trick with any program is, you literally do get out what you put in. However I feel confident that with Adam and Kayleighs help and guidance, this big dog with a big heart will respond just fine. So well done Dennis, keep up the good school work.

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  1. Nice to see u work at it instead of throwing the dog to the curb At least u got help nice It makes me happy as an animal lover I wish u all the best love u all

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