This jaunty little fellow is Cooper. A 14 week old Boston Terrier and an ideal first dog for Chris his owner. Cooper is intelligent, lively and displays a natural willingness to please, as is the boston terrier temperament.

I discussed with Chris every aspect of Coopers world and helped Chris to understand various training philosophys and techniques. Chris has a natural understanding of dogs and has done a great job with Cooper. However the toilet training was an issue and Cooper displayed a reluctance to use his crate. By using the Dog Barking Mad crate training program we quickly got Cooper to enter and leave his crate happily. At one point he even chose to go to his crate of his own accord while me and Chris were talking.

We set out the D.B.M toilet training program, which best suited Cooper’s environment. We also managed to stop Cooper’s excited jumping and barking. We then worked on his puppy biting and also stopped this behaviour very quickly.

A good morning’s work was achieved today and I feel that Chris now has all the information and techniques he needs to complete Cooper’s education. Keep up the good work!

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